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[ultimate-faqs]: display all FAQs, or only specific FAQ categories using include_category and exclude_category attributes (both take a comma-separated list of category slugs)
[popular-faqs]: displays a number of the most viewed FAQs (5 unless specified).
[recent-faqs]: displays a number of the most recently added FAQs (5 unless specified).
[select-faq]: display specific FAQ posts, using the attributes faq_name, faq_slug and faq_id which take comma-separated lists of FAQ post names, FAQ slugs and FAQ ids respectively.
[ultimate-faq-search]: display an FAQ search form that allows users to find FAQs with a specific string in the FAQ title or body of the FAQ post (premium).
[submit-question]: display a form that allows users to submit FAQs of their own and, if enabled, enter an FAQ answer to their submitted FAQ question as well (premium).